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parent volunteer schedule

Page history last edited by Jan2009 11 years, 6 months ago
In Class: 2:50-5:00 PM  
Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Sound Eye Dissection Heart Dissection Legos
11-Jan 8-Feb 4-Apr 2-May
1 Liza Ball Liza Ball Rupal and Sanjay Chiniwala Robin Darcy
2 Wendy Beck Bret and Jennifer Harrell Yoli Daly Fang Guan
3 Elizabeth Hertel Chris Maurer Rohan & Usha D'Silva Laura Mosier
4 Doris Hoyos Greg Romas Swadha M.  Melissa Hoeldtke
5 Phyllis Collum Kuay Sullivan Mary Frances Olivas Jeff Trondsen
6 Dimple Shivlani Lihuan Liu Robyn Olney Debbie Watson
7 Priyanka Katiyar Sehnaz & Rahmi Evlioglu  
8 Pat Wyckoff Herbert & Jackie Remidez  
At Home Tasks:   
Place T shirt orders, pick up (Carrollton), label & deliver to classrooms Jan 9
Field Trip Reservation  
Double check #'s from registration forms  

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