Look Out: The Eye

Eye Model, Rainbow Symphony ($11.95), Hobby Tron ($32.50)


The Lakeside science room has LOTS of prisms and flashlights, so no need to buy prisms (might need batteries).


Mind's Eye Optical Illusion KitHobby Tron ($56.95)  and Steve Spangler ($69.95)


I got a kit at the Dallas museum ($12.95), and I laminated some optical illusion pictures at Lakeside, but the quality  of the images aren't great so I'm not sure the illusions will work so well (will test of course).


Magic Eye 3D books are available online and at the Lakeside Library for checkout (call #152.1). 


Here are the station instructions for our February 2010 session:

Eye Anatomy Station.doc

Make an Optical Illusion Station.doc

Magic Eye.doc

Eye Chart Station.doc

Optical Illusions Stations.doc


Pre-Visit Guide Look Out The Eye.doc


Post-Visit Guide Look Out the Eye.doc